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General Home Inspections

Single Family

Whether you are buying a home or already own a home, it is a major investment. A general home inspection provides a comprehensive look into your home. Using the latest technology and tools, we safely search all accessible areas and report on the home's condition and visible damage or defects. 

Reports are sent out within 24 hours of the home inspection and include digital photos, descriptions of the damage/defects, recommendations for maintaining the home, and other helpful information and diagrams. 

The cost for a general home inspection is determined by the size and age of the home. Our inspectors only do 2 inspections per day, which allows our inspectors to take their time and do a thorough inspection of the home. 


These are the same as single family inspections, except for the additional kitchens, mechanical rooms, electric panels, etc. that need to be inspected. This adds $100 to the inspection cost for every additional family unit.  


A condo inspection is like a general home inspection, but with more limitations. We are not always allowed access to the HVAC components or have access to the basements, roofs, attic spaces, and etc. We still try to gain access if allowed, and report on defects that should be addressed by the buyer and/or association. Due to these limitations, a condo inspection is cheaper than a general home inspection.

General Home Inspection

Pre-Drywall Inspection

A pre-drywall inspection is just like it sounds, no drywall. This inspection is done before any drywall is installed, which could conceal short-cuts or building defects on a new construction home. This inspection should be performed after the following home components have been installed as taken from the ASHI pre-drywall (SoP) Standards of Practice. 

  1. Foundation components,

  2. Floor, wall, and roof structural components,

  3. Plumbing, electrical, and rough-in components,

  4. Windows and exterior doors.

Pre-drywall inspector logo

Home Review Inspection

A home review inspection is for the homeowner that is wondering, "how is my house doing? ". Maybe it has been 3 years since moving in or you have lived there 15 years.  Pricing options can be catered to the homeowners needs. Contact the office for more information.

Home Review

Single Item Inspection

Coming Soon!

Single Item

Walk-through Consultation

A walk-through consultation is not a home inspection. This is not an ideal option, but in today's market, this might be the only option some buyers have to get an idea of what might be going on in the house before they put in an offer.  


A walk-through consultation is where we walk through the home with the client and agent to help them identify any major defects and answer any questions about what they are seeing. Since this is not a home inspection, there are no tools involved and we are not allowed access to the roof, attic, or other closed off areas. There is also no report, or any pictures included in this option.


The consultation usually lasts around 30 minutes (the time of a typical showing). The cost is $185 for the first home and $100 for any additional home within a 10-minute driving distance. Please contact the office to schedule a consultation.


Pre-Sale Inspection

A pre-sale inspection is just like the standard inspection, only the homeowner/seller is having the inspection done. This is becoming a more popular option in today's crazy fast paced market. A pre-sale inspection can help enlighten the seller by finding potential issues that may hinder the sale of the home. Seller's will typically leave a copy of the inspection report for potential buyers to view during showings. This gives potential buyers a deeper view into the condition of the home and what the seller may have done for repairs since the inspection.


New Construction / 1yr Warranty Inspection

Please don't assume that because your house was just built, it doesn't need to be inspected. Once you move in, you are also limited on the amount of time you have to get the builder to make any repairs or corrections. After your warranty period is up, it's up to the homeowner to pay for the repairs.


We find multiple issues at most of the new construction inspections. Anything from missing insulation in the attic to the HVAC (heating, ventilation, & air conditioner) incorrectly installed. Finding these issues before you buy the home, or your warranty period has expired, is beneficial to helping your home function properly and reduces the potential for damage and costly repairs.  


A new construction inspection is performed no more than 2-4 days before your closing. Many times, some of the mechanical systems are the last to be installed, and we don't want you to miss out on having those systems checked.


A 1yr warranty inspection is typically done around the 11-month range. The homeowner may want to perform this inspection before winter if they want a better chance for the roof components to be inspected.


As always, we prefer to have the clients at the inspection, and they come with a report that can be emailed directly to the builder. Please contact the office if you would like information on pre-drywall/new construction/1yr warranty inspection bundles.


Investor Inspection

Investor inspections are basically a walk-through consultation with the use of tools, and a report. The inspection focuses and reports on any major visible defects in and around the home. This type of inspection does not follow any industry standards as it is not a full home inspection. This type of inspection typically takes an hour and includes accessing available areas such as roof, crawlspaces, and attics.


HOA/Property Maintenance Program Inspection

Property Maintenance inspections (PMP) are for homeowner association run properties. These are customized to inspect the components that are covered by the association as described in their PMP. Exterior, roofing, mechanical rooms, common areas including rooms, hallways, and garage can be included in these inspections. Please contact the office for your customized quote.


Relocation Inspection Package

Finding a home can be very difficult, especially trying to find a home when traveling from a different state. We have worked with realtors to develop a package that would help relocation clients and companies. The relocation package is a combination of a walk-through consultation and home inspection. This package contains having a home inspector go through multiple homes with the clients and their realtor during showings for a fixed rate. The package can be designed around the clients schedule and customized for part of a day to multi day rates. Contact the office for more information and pricing.


Intrusive Moisture Inspection

Coming Soon!

Level 2 Chimney
Intrusive Moisture

Wood Foundation Inspection

Wood Foundation

Sewer Inspection

The sewer line is usually taken for granted, but quickly becomes #1 on the headache list when something goes wrong.  Most homeowners don't realize they are typically responsible for the sewer line up to the city connection, and replacement or repairs to the line could exceed $10,000 or higher. Having the sewer scoped during a home inspection is the best way to identify issues with the line or find out it has a clean bill of health.

Drain Buster's has decades of experience in the sewer and drain industry. The scope involves running a video camera through the main sewer line to the city connection. A report stating the condition, materials, and recommendations is sent out, along with a link to the commentary filled video of your sewer line.


Below are some images of some sewer line issues, including images from new construction!!!

Resolute DB Sewer Inspection 2
Resolute DB Sewer Inspection 4
Resolute DB Sewer Inspection 3
Resolute DB Sewer Inspection 1

Mold Inspection

Mold, it's a word nobody likes to hear, and long term mold growth may only be covered by your insurance company, if certain conditions are met. Vickie with MN Mold has been helping guide and educate homeowners with mold concerns since 2005. They perform a very thorough mold inspection of the home. They are typically onsite for 2 hours, which includes taking air and/or surface mold samples (3 included in base price), using a moisture meter to check areas of concern, and visually inspecting around the house. After the inspection, typically within 48 hours due to waiting for the lab results, you will receive a report and recommendations on how to safely remove it yourself or who to contact to help remove it.


Radon Inspection

According to the EPA estimates, radon is the #1 cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. This type of radon testing is designed for real estate transactions, and is an electric monitor set in the home for a minimum requirement of 48 hours.  Readings are taken by the monitor every hour to help assure the most accurate results are recorded for the test. For more information on radon, go to


 If you are a homeowner and concerned about radon, long-term at home test kits are available and MN residents receive a discount (the code is located on the site) Minnesota Department of Health - Radonova


Thermal Imaging

Shower non-thermal
Shower thermal

Invasive Stucco Inspection

Invasive Stucco
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