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Sewer Inspection

Septic Tanks System Installing

The sewer line is usually taken for granted, but quickly becomes #1 on the headache list when something goes wrong.  Most homeowners don't realize they are typically responsible for the sewer line up to the city connection, and replacement or repairs to the line could exceed $10,000 or higher.  Having the sewer scoped during a home inspection is the best way to identify issues with the line or find out it has a clean bill of health.


 Drain Buster's has decades of experience in the sewer and drain industry.  The scope involves running a video camera through the main sewer line to the city connection. A report stating the condition, materials, and recommendations is sent out, along with a link to the commentary filled video of your sewer line.


Below are some images of some sewer line issues, including ones from new construction!!!

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